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Nathan Cailleach:

Photographer for 36 years, 20 of that full time. Midwesterner to the bone: born in Ohio, attended University of Nebraska Lincoln, and graduate of the University of Iowa. Nathan has taken his early activist roots working with Alternative Press, and blended them into more current backdrops. He is internet famous for his photograph of Morrissey while on assignment for Alternative Press. In fact  his work for Alternative Press was honored on their 30 year anniversary when the publication was inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH in 2017. He has been published in various small press publications as well as a text book ["Foil Imaging: A New Art Form" by Virginia A. Meyers]. 

He prides himself on being able to accommodate most any taste, from the conservative traditional to the most liberal and modern youth. However, his preference is to work with fine and preforming artists, and anyone who prides being themselves in front of the camera. Nathan primarily works in digital formats these days, however, no stranger to a diverse array of film formats allows him to meet any need in that arena as well.

To see more of his early work with Alternative Press being honored, please visit:

Alternative Press Turns 30 exhibit 


Morrissey and the Smiths (you will find his work under both Nathan Leach and Nathan Cailleach)

To see more current works visit:

Treasa Cailleach:

Massage therapist of 12 years, artist and graphic designer of 15. Treasa has lived and worked in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri, and is a well rounded individual of many talents. Her massage talents have been developed to perfect Integrative Deep Tissue with a focus on Trigger Points and Elder Care Massage- 2 very different modalities, but equally important in today's society. Her artistic skills have predominately been used professionally in screen printing and other marketing materials, but her joy is found in Charcoal and Oils. Treasa is able to teach and perform music on several instruments, as well as teach art, Reiki, and Active Isolated Stretching techniques. Finally, Treasa is able to assist others in becoming organized and teach them effective and useful techniques for maintaining their new found organization, and this has been utilized in both individual homes and in a corporate office setting. Treasa is also a writer; primarily being a self-published author of a long standing blog, secondarily she has provided and edited content for other business sites. Her goals for her work are to write and teach continuing education courses for massage therapy. Treasa aims to live her life authentically and welcomes you to visit her blog where she writes about everything she experiences in her world.