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Treasa Cailleach, NCBTMB & Massage Therapist  of 12+ years, currently contracts with several Elder Care Communities in the Kansas City Metro as well as Mission Chiropractic and Wellness.

Mission Chiropractic and Wellness is located at 6556 Johnson Dr. Mission, KS 66202

To book an appointment in office at Mission Chiropractic and Wellness, please contact the office at:


Appointments can be made for any length of time based upon a service fee of $80 per hour.

For More information on other services available at Mission Wellness, please visit their website:

If you are interested in chair massages for a business or facility, or elder care services, please contact Treasa directly for further information at:

Business Cell: 913-749-8478    


email: [email protected]

Examples of this would be chair massages for employee appreciation days or elder care massage in nursing facilities. Please keep in mind that these fees are based upon equipment being unnecessary.

Basic Rates

$50 per hour for Elder Care Chair Massages (professional massage chair not utilized, massages completed in standard chairs or wheelchairs)

$55 per hour for Employee or General Population Chair Massages (professional massage chair is utilized)

2 hour minimums required for group massages.

$50 per visit Elder Care Individual Sessions

        (Completed in facility with resident in wheel-chair, standard chair, or

          twin/hospital bed.)

           Discounts may be applicable if areas to be worked are limited (neck

           and shoulders only for instance).

Scheduling individual sessions is based per building. 2 residents per visit minimum. Time of day based upon residents' availability and therapist contract schedule.

In rare instances, a home visit may be applicable. Generally this would apply for elderly still living at home or other specific care needs. Eligibility is determined based upon location within the metro, reason for request, and schedule availability. If appointment is equivalent to elder facility services, then the same fees apply. IF however, any equipment or special accommodations are needing met, service fee would be $90 for approximately 1 hour massage.


Treasa has been a practicing Reiki Master-Teacher for 11 years. Trained in traditional Usui Reiki in 2007 with later additions of Karuna Reiki and Elemental Reiki in 2009 enabling her Master-Teacher qualifications. She is also trained in several other intuitive techniques, such as Light-Language, Bio-Energetics and Cord Cutting. Treasa is down-to-earth, spiritual minded and sees her energetic tools as being able to take her massages to the next most beneficial level. She welcomes any questions or concerns.

Much of what Treasa practices can easily be compared to the Christian modality known as "Healing Touch" and is very beneficial to the person seeking total relaxation and healing. Though Jesus was the best healer that ever walked earth, Treasa is certain her abilities are just as inspired and gifted by God, and she works daily to listen for God's guidance to help clients receive the best sessions possible.  It is her goal that everyone understand that all Reiki/energy-work is just another way to utilize prayer to guide God's healing. Reiki as a specific modality utilizes Buddhist and other prayers to open both the practitioner and client up to divine healing energy. Other modalities use other language or prayers to accomplish many the same results. Regardless of your preferred labels or denomination, it is all asking for God's assistance and if the client is open to God's help then healing will be received.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us and ask as many questions as you would like.

If you are interested in sessions, we welcome booking them as stand alone sessions or in conjunction with therapeutic massage.Typically all massage therapy sessions include Reiki, but the client may not notice the stand alone effects as directly as would be experienced in a Reiki-only session.

Due to Master-Teacher qualifications, Treasa is also available to teach Reiki. At this time class availability is limited, but instruction may be provided on a one-on-one basis.

Reiki-Only sessions:

30min   $30

60min   $60

Instruction Reiki I, II, III   $150 

Instruction Karuna/Elemental Reiki $150

Instruction Master-Teacher $300

All 3 sections of instruction purchased as a package $500